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Achievements Jun. Ch. Noah of the Hellacious Acres: 

22nd  January 2012 -  MANCHESTER General Championship Show, England


*** Crufts Qualified at his very first show ***

 Noah  (9 months old) is 3rd in the Puppy Dog class under judge Patsy Hollings(Gunalt)

Noah makes his debut at his very first show …… an adventurous challenge…….  as it was to be across the channel in England!!! The arrival of baby Sebastian in October , when Noah was only 5 months old,  meant Noah never got to attend any ring craft classes like our other puppies have done!!
Well socialized however,  through town trips, visitors  and the hustle & bustle of our home , Noah took to everything easily,  so the long car trip, busy indoor championship show setting & the UK benching system didn’t bother him at all ……  and  our mission to attempt to qualify him for Crufts 2013 was accomplished on our very first try !!!

28th  January – The Deutscher Retriever Club  Speciality Championship Show, Herrenberg , Germany .  Judge -  Vivian Jones (Ninell) England

Noah has his second show, making a super performance & becoming
2nd Excellent in Junior Dog with the RJAC & RJVDH from a large class of 20 entries.
 The judge wrote in her critique of him-
“Well balanced , masculine head with  kind expression and good pigment. Straight forelegs with very strong bone. Good in upper arm. Good length of neck into strong topline. Deep well ribbed body. Strong quarters.
 Balanced outline. Well presented, shown and moved well.”

4th February  - Eindhoven International Championship Dog Show, The Netherlands,

Noah has his 3rd show and is   3rd Excellent in the Junior Dog class under judge
Mervr. Halff-Boven (NL)

 4th March – The Martinidogshow , Groningen, The Netherlands
Judge - Liisi Lehtonen (Majik) Finland,

Noah is 1st Excellent in the Junior Dog Class winning the JCAC, the judge wrote “11 months old male. Beautiful head. Good proportions. Strong bone. Nice feet. Moves well. Very well presented. Friendly & lively temperament. Excellent.”

18th March – The South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show, England,
judge – Beryl Stokes (Jobeka) England.

Noah is 2nd in the Puppy Dog Class

Noah is 2nd in the Maiden Dog class

Noah is 2nd in the Novice Dog class

Noah is 2nd in the Undergraduate Dog class 

24th March 2012 – The German Golden Retriever Club Specialty Championship Show, Cloppenburg, Germany, Judge Lynn Hennessy (Ritzilyn) England

Noah wins the JCAC & JVDH awards.
His critique said
“A showy, animated dog of quality. Super neck into the best of shoulders. Excellent top-line and tail-set. Stands on good legs and good feet. Good dark eye and excellent pigment. Shown and handled to advantage. Excellent.”

31st March 2012 – The Scottish Breeds Championship Show, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Noah wins 1st in Junior Dog from a strong entry of 17 males under judge Hazel Gripton (Nojaze) England

Noah is 1st in Maiden Dog

Noah is 1st in Novice Dog

After 3 x 1sts Noah is 2nd in Undergraduate Dog

1st April 2012 – The Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show, England.

Noah is 4th in Junior & 2nd in Undergraduate Dog under Judge Pat Rowark (Brekswood)

9th April - Easter Monday International Championship 'Paasshow' , Leeuwarden,
 The Netherlands ,   Judge : Val Tregaskis (Steval) - UK

Noah of the Hellacious Acres wins 1st  Excellent in Junior Dog & the Junior CAC

His critique said "Very nice young male of 12 months, Very well constructed throughout, Lovely angles both front & rear, lovely head, very happy showman, at one with his handler. Moved out well & correctly."

22nd April 2012 GOES International All Breed Championship Dog Show,
The Netherlands ,  Judge Mrs Sue Ross – Sokenlea (UK)

Noah is 2nd Excellent in the Junior Dog class

5th May – The German Golden Retriever Club Special Breed Championship Show – Bad Arolsen , Germany,  Judge : Males : Liam Moran (Woodmore) – Ireland

Noah is 1st Excellent in the Junior Dog Class with the JCAC& JVDH awards.

His critique said  “Very happy dog with good ring presence. Nice head and very good pigment, has a very nice dark eye. Has good depth of chest. Has nice laid back shoulders and a good top line with a very good back end. Very well muscled. Balanced. Moves with drive. Excellent.”

11th May - DORTMUND NATIONAL VDH Championship Dog Show , GERMANY

Noah is 4th Excellent in the large Junior Dog class underJudge Paula Edwards - Lovehayne (GB)


Noah is 1st Excellent with the JCAC & JVDH & wins the title of  EUROPAJUGENDSIEGER”

The judge wrote: “Quality, balanced dog, masculine head, dark eye, square muzzle, good reach of neck. Correct, well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest. Well angulated hindquarters.  Level topline.  Moved very well.”

17th May - The Golden Retriever Club of the Netherlands KAMPIOENSCHAPSCLUBMATCH

Noah is 3rd Excellent in the Junior Dog class under judge Penny Gowland (Remington) UK, who wrote of him
“a strong, masculine dog, with a very happy disposition. Lovely strong head, with excellent pigment, correct stop and chiseling. Good reach of neck, although I would prefer it to be a little cleaner. Good length and lay of shoulder and upperarm, straight front, correct pasterns and lovely cat like feet. Well sprung ribs, level topline and strong quarters. Moved very soundly.”


Noah of the Hellacious Acres  was placed  2nd in Junior, 2nd in Graduate,
 & won  1st in Yearling under judge Carol Benson (Goldenquest).

3rd June 2012 – The Jachthondenshow, Bennekon, The Netherlands

Noah is graded Excellent in the Junior Dog class under judge Mrs D. Leigh (Spain) who wrote “ 14 months. Pale coat but good dark pigment. Good scissor bite. Nicely proportioned head. Good shoulder angulation. Strong bone & tight feet. Good ribcage. Good hind angulation. Strong topline. Quality coat. Good movement. Excellent.”

 10th June – Tilburg International Championship Show, The Netherlands

Noah of the Hellacious Acres is 2nd in Junior Dog under judge  Dhr. De Cuyper (Belgium)

 23rd June - Uden International Championship Dog Show , The Netherlands

Noah is 3rd Excellent in Junior Dog under Judge Bruno Facq (du Bois de la Rayere)- France

 29th June – Windsor Championship Dog Show, England

Noah of the Hellacious Acres is 4th in a big class of 17 Junior Dogs under judge Arnold Ryder (Jaskar) UK

26th August 2012 – Rotterdam International All Breed Championship Show,
The Netherlands, Judge – Gordon Kipps (Wheatcroft) UK

Noah was 1st Excellent in the Junior Dog class with the JCAC.

The judge wrote  “Beautifully balanced young dog. Lovely masculine head with a soft expression. Good strong front with excellent lay back of shoulder. Well boned with tight feet. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Well muscled rear quarters which he used to advantage on the move. Excellent.”

This win gave Noah his last points needed to become a

We are very proud of our soft, cuddly, loving, sweet natured young boy xxx

Saturday 2nd March – Judge Susan Webster ( Benjcroft)

DUTCH Junior CH Noah of the Hellacious Acres now 23 months of age won the Intermediate Dog Class .

His critique from the judge said: “very well balanced quality dog of lovely type. Shown in very good coat. Super head , eye, & expression, well set ears, good length of neck into good forehand construction. Good depth of chest, very good spring  & length of rib. Strong over loin. Well bent stifle, well let down hocks. Correct tailset & super level topline held on the move. Moved correctly.  Beautifully presented & very well handled. Lovely temperament.  Excellent.”

Noah wins Best Dog with the CAC & CACIB awards .

A loving kiss for our sweet boy to say ‘well done’ for showing so well & winning!!

Photo of the judge Susan Webster with her Best Dog & Best Bitch

Saturday 23rd March  - Cloppenburg  - Germany - GRC Specialty Breed Championship Show
Dog judge:  Mrs.Eva Nielsen (Swe)(Dream Max)

Noah of the Hellacious Acres turned 2 years of age the day before the show on the 22nd March so had his very first Open Dog class – it was a HUGE class with an entry of 23 males! 

Noah won the Open class becoming  1st Excellent with the CAC & VDH awards.

20th April 2013 – GOES International All Breed Dog Show, The Netherlands

Noah is 2nd Excellent in the Open Class under Judge Ann Hodgson (Rikita) who wrote : “Very well presenteddog in excellent coat and condition. Good bone, tight fett, strong pasterns. Good length of neck. Level topline. Well muscled, allowing him to move well with drive. Soft expression.”

4th May 2013 – The DRC Specialty Show, Diedersdorf, Germany.

Noah is 2nd excellent in Open with the RCAC under Judge Janet Crang ( Linoaks) who wrote about him: “Well constructed dog throughout. Shown in super coat and condition. Excellent head. Excellent neck, shoulder and upperarm placements. Deep chested. Good bone and tight feet. Well muscled quarters. Good second thigh. Excellent mover.”

9th May 2013 – The GRCN ‘Kampioenschapsclubmatch’, Hoenderloo,
The Netherlands. Judge : Hans van den Berg.


Noah is now 25 months of age and decided to drop all of his coat , but despite being a little naked, he became fourth in the large Open class of 23 males.

 11th May 2013 – Dortmund International All Breed ‘Europasieger’ Championship Dog Show , Germany. Judge : Ruth Turner (Amilone)

Our JCH Noah of the Hellacios Acres became the Reserve Best Dog with the VDH CAC,  RCAC, & RCACIB awards. His critique from the judge said; “ A very very nice dog, full of quality. Well balanced and of good size. Love his head and expression. Good bone and feet. Lovely shoulders. Strong rear. Nice wavy coat. In good condition. Moved perfectly. 

18th May 2013 – The GRC Specialty single Breed Championship Show,

 Bad Arolsen, Germany. Judge Ralp Koch  ( of the Crows Valley)


Noah wins 1st Excellent in Open Dog with the CAC & VDH awards.

 It was a very wet day -   full of lots and lots of rain and lots and lots of mud!

His critique said : “An excellent 25 month old male. Beautiful head. Good reach of neck, a little bit throaty. Beautiful front construction. Excellent deep body. Excellent rear angulation. Level topline. Powerful floating movement. Excellent.”

1st June 2013 – Neumunster international All Breed Championship Dog Show.

Judge : Penny Gowland ( Remington)

Noah wins 1st Excellent in the Open Dog Class with the CAC & VDH awards.

The judge wrote: “A Top Quality young dog, who stands four square freely. Excellent coat, substance and muscular condition. Pleasing head with a beautiful expression. Good reach and set of neck. Well angulated front and rear. Excellent forechest, straight front, correct pasterns and catlike feet. Well sprung ribcage. Strong level topline, correct tailset. Moves out with reach and drive. Excellent.”


Noah  goes on to win Best Dog with the CACIB award.

2nd June – 2013 – GRC Specialty Breed Championship Show, Itzehoe, Germany.

Noah is 2nd Excellent in Open Dog with the RCAC & RVDH , under judge Malcom Godefroy (Fenwood) who wrote: “Good head and expression with good pigment and dark eye. Good reach of neck into correct front angulation. Good bone and tight feet. Level  topline and tailset. Well sprung ribs. Good stifles. Moved correctly front and rear. 

8th  & 9th June 2013 – The Deutscher Retriver Club 50 Year Jubilee Celebration Championship Show, Hardenberg, Germany.


First day: Noah is 2nd Excellent in Open Dog with the RCAC & RVDH awards under judge Ann Falconer (Siatham) who wrote: “Quality dog with a very nice outline. Nice head and expression. Good front angulation. Straight front. Level topline. Correct turn of stifle. Needs to tighten more in his movement.”

Second day: Noah is 3rd Excelllent in Open dog under judge Joyce Ryder (Jaskar) who wrote : “Pale dog of good size, presented in good coat and condition. Pleasing head with dark pigment and dark eye. Good depth of muzzle. Well laid back shoulder into level topline and good tailset. Good spring of rib. Correct bend of stifle. Tight feet. Covered the ground effortlessly on the move.”

22nd June 2013 – The GRC of Germany Specialty Show, Beckum,


Noah is 2nd Excellent in Open Dog with the RCAC & RVDH awards, under judge Sheila Watkins Tamarley) who wrote : “Dog of excellent type. Lovely head and expression. Deep chest. Good bone and feet. Excellent reach of neck. Good front. Good topline. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved very well. Well presented.”


July 2013 .........Our young Noah of the Hellacious Acres  has gone on a little holiday trip to spend a few weeks in Ireland with Anne,  Kerrie & Katie Kelly of the Zenevieva Golden Retrievers. 

He already has on his agenda some shows ,.....  girls,
playing with Katie, & lots of fun and the beach !!! 

Saturday 10th August – Bangor and North Down Canine Club All Breed Championship Show, Belfast, Ireland.

Noah had his first show in Ireland, (where he is staying for the Summer with Anne, Katie & Kerrie Kelly - Zenevieva) and thrilled
us by winning
1st in the  Open Dog Class,
becoming BEST DOG and gaining his
 Noah was expertly handled by thetalented Katie and obviously had fun and enjoyed being in the ring with her. VERY well done and BIG BIG thanks for showinghim & looking after him so well girls!!!

photo Noah & judge BD Bangor

Our Noah of the Hellacious Acres then became BEST OF BREED too! Pictured here with the breed judgeMr. Poitr Krol from Poland & handler Katie Kelly. A fabolous start at all to his show time in Ireland!
To top the day in the main ring he became 3rd in the Group 8 judging, under Mrs Tuus Boogaert - Kwint

*** Our gorgeous kissy Noah with his first Green Star Certificate ***

**Noah does the MUNSTER CIRCUIT with Kerry & Katie an has an intensive week of travelling, preparations, and shows before back to playtime on the beach !!!**

Saturday 17th August : All Ireland GRC  Championship Show
- judge Heather Morrison (Karparla) from Australia  -
 Noah is 2nd in Open Dog

 Sunday 18th August : Clonmel & DCS All Breed Championship Show
- judge Mr. J. Guillamon from France –
 Noah is 2nd in Open Dog

Tuesday 20th August : Killarney & DCS All Breed Championship Show
- judge  Mr G. Kips from Luxembourg –
 Noah is 2nd in Open Dog

Thursday 22nd August : Limerick &DCS All Breed Championship Show
judge Mrs. T. Dennis from Ireland -
 Noah is
1st in Open Dog
 ...... and wins the Reserve Green Star!!

Saturday 24th August : Tralee & DCS All Breed Championship Show
 - judge  Mrs. P. Itkonen from  Finland -
 Noah is
1st in Open Dog

........ and wins the Green Star ....... and Best of Breed !!! 

A few pictures of Noah expertly handled by Katie Kelly at the Munster Circuit

... Noah in relaxed mode,  chilling in the sea  after his successful week of shows.

Noah’s bags are packed to return back home and he  says ‘Goodbye’ to Ireland , Katie, Kerry , Anne, his newborn litter of Irish babies and all at Zenevieva and heads back to England before returning to Holland.

  It was hard to part with our boy, and entrust him to someone else, but we knowNoah has had a great time, and been kissed, cuddled and cared for  like one of their own, . Thank you immensely – Kerry, Katie & Anne -  for showing him so well and giving him his every need plus more in care, love and attention during his ‘Irish’ holiday. 


We know you are all sad to see him go x- but we are glad to have him back at home and Sebastian especially enjoys having his huggable pal back with Trevor to climb on, cuddle, squish and roll over ...  !!

 20th September – Driffield All Breed Championship Show, England.

 Our 2.5 year old Noah of the Hellacious Acres ( Swe/Belgian & VDH Ch Dewmist Servantes ex Ch Philomena of the Hellacious Acres ) , handled by Kerry Kelly is 4th in a strong Limit class from an entry of 15 males, under judge Lyn Anderson (Linchael)

 28th September - Maastricht International Championship All Breed Dog Show. Judge William Orzel (Braxton) UK

Noah wins 1st Excellent in Open Dog, and goes on to win the RCAC & RCACIB too!!His critique said: “Lovely head, correct pigment. `excellent depth of chest. Excellent reach of neck. Good straight front. Level topline and correct tailset. Excellent front and rear angles. Moved very well.”

  6th October 2013 – The Ijsselshow Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Noah wins 1st Excellent in Open Dog under judge Susan Webster (UK), who wrote : “Upstanding pale boy of excellent bone and substance and balance. Pleasing head, eye and expression.. straight front, neat feeet. Good length of neck. Well angulated forehand. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed with level topline and correct tail set. Good bend of stifle. Well let down hocks. Beautifully presented. Moved correctly with drive. A lovely temperament and well handled.”

3rd November Bleiswijk International Dog Show, The Netherlands,


Noah is 2nd Excellent in Open Dog under judge Tuula Pratt who wrote: “Beautiful outline.  Most pleasing head and expression. Very good layback of shoulder. Excellent form and length of ribcage. Normal angulation behind. Well set tail. Good movement. Very good coat.”   

30th November 2013 – The German GRC ‘Advents’ Specialty Championship Show, Cloppenburg, Germany. .......  a SUPER day for NOAH!!!

Noah wins 1st Excellent from an entry of 29 males in the Open Dog Class with the CAC award. His critique reads: “ Very gentle expression on a well chisselled head with good pigment. Nicely angulated at both ends. Super bone and feet. Level topline and good tailset. Moved true from front and rear. Moves with good long steps.”


The wait for the one calender year between the first and last CAC needed to achieve his German Champion Title is over ...... and this CAC won today makes Noah into a

                              *** GERMAN CHAMPION***!!!


Our newly crowned Noah, makes our already super day even better by winning

                                   BEST DOG and then BEST IN SHOW !!!

from the huge entry of 195 exhibits, under the unanimous agreement of the breed specialist judges Sue Towers (Alibren) , Ruth Scholtz (Golden Sunlights) & Anne Woodcock (Stanroph) .... thank you ALL for appreciating our wonderful boy xXx xXx xXx


The GRC of Germany announces our beloved ‘Ch NOAH OF THE HELLACIOUS ACRES NJK’ as  their TOP WINNING GOLDEN RETRIEVER of THE YEAR with the Title of  - GRC CLUBSIEGER 2013 - for achieving the most points from his wins during the year at their shows ..... we are soooooo proud of our precious young man.

  Sunday 8th December 2013 – Kassel International All Breed Championship Show, Germany. Judge :  Herr Hans Gruttner.


Noah wins 2nd Excellent in Open Dog with the RVDH CAC

  13th December 2013 – The Royal Dutch Kennel Club ‘Cynophilia’ All Breed International Championship show. Judge : Tamas Jakkel (Hungary)

Noah wins 2nd Excellent in the Open Dog Class. His critique said : “Lovely type. Excellent, Masculine head and expression. Excellent shoulders. Well angulated. Good coat texture. Sound mover.”

21st December 2013 – The International All Breed KERSTSHOW , Nijmegen, NL.

Noah is 2nd Excellent in the Open Dog Class under judge Mrs. Warendorf.

Saturday 4th January 2014 – Hoogstraten International All Breed Dog Show, Belgium. Judge : Gillian Wicklow ( Gillbryan)


Our German Ch Noah of the Hellacious Acres NJK has his first Belgian show and wins  1st Excellent in the large Open Dog  Class !

Sunday 9th February – Dansk Kennel Klub International All Breed Dog Show, Fredericia, Denmark. Judge : Kjaer Pedersen (Woodstar)

Noah wins 1st Excellent with the CK (Champion Quality) Qualification Ribbon !!!

Noah becomes the Best Dog  with the CAC & CACIB awards and is now a

                                  ***DANISH CHAMPION***

Our new Danish Champion Noah becomes Best of Breed too!!