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' Ludwig ' - Multi Ch. Beethoven of the Hellacious Acres 

* International Show Champion

* Dutch Champion

* German Champion

* VDH Champion

* Danish Champion

* Amsterdam Winner 2013


Dutch Junior Ch, German Junior Ch, BJSG'10, Amst.J.Winner'10

DNA tested FREE of GR_PRA 1&2
Current clear eye certificate
ED 0-0

Born: 20-11-2009

Ch. Dewmist Silk Symphony
HD A ED 0-0 Eyes Clear

Swe Sh. Ch., Norw Sh. Ch.
Nordic Winner 2003

Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel

Ch. Erinderry Diamond Edge Of Glenavis

Ch. Papeta Philospher

Ch. Erinderry Amber of Tyrol

Ch. Erinderry Firebird

Ch. Tyrol Evening Shadow

Galalith Charlie Girl

Swe Sh. Ch., Norw Sh. Ch.
Nordic Winner 2004

Styal Silksilla

Ch. Remington RORY

Ch. Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien

Ch. Styal Snowflake of Remington

Styal Scottish Symphonia

Ch. Kulawand Celtic Sun

Styal Superscotia

Ch. Philomena of the Hellacious Acres
HD A ED 0-0 Eyes Clear

Ch.Taram du Bois de la Rayere


Int.Ch.Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash Ch.Ritzilyn Cockney Robin
Stanroph Spring Breeze at Beeangee
Int.Ch.Alibren Mon Cherie avec Stanroph Ch.Stanroph Squardron Leader
Sh.Ch.Alibren Uhura

Ch. Ramchaine Green Glitter


Sh.Ch.Erinderry Just the Ticket from Bluewaters Sh.Ch.Gunhills Blue River
Sh.Ch.Erinderry Firebird
Sh.Ch.Remington Requisite of Ramchaine Sh.Ch.Elswood the Highlander
Remington Rosette

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