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Progeny Ludwig


Ludwig’s FIRST babies are born : 7 x boys and 7 x girls to our own Ramchaine Moonstruck !!!

A fluffy cute Ludwig / Fuzzy puppy sitting sweetly x


Ludwig’s daughter Multi Ch Ramchaine Moonbeam from his very first litter bornstacked in show pose and beautiful on the move.

 Our Fern  “Ramchaine Moonbeam” at 3.5 months of age.

Our ‘Fern’ is a MULTI CHAMPION at 2 years of age !!!

 Int. Sh Ch , Dutch Ch , German & VDH Ch Ramchaine Moonbeam


Ch Ramchaine Sivery Moon ‘Sophie”   ( out of Ramchaine Moonstruck) owned by

 Marina Nielsen (Go-Getters) in Switzerland


Our Multi Ch Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine has a super litter of 5 boys and 4 girls.

A Vogue/Ludwig puppy boy at 6 weeks of age “Ramchaine Fan Dabby Dozy”


Ramchaine Fan Dabby Dozy ( Ludwig & Vogue) owned by Rosmary Easton & Danielle Hall in Australia



Ramchaine Fantissimo ( Ludwig & Vogue) owned by Evegeniya Sitnikova in Russia

Ramchaine Fabulicious ( Ludwig & Vogue) owned by Joanne Gerhold in England.


 Ramchaine Bubbalicious to Linchael (Ludwig & Vogue) owned by Alan Curry & Lynn Anderson in England


Ramchaine Double Delicious ( Ludwig & Vogue) owned by Ana & Zoran

 Ramchaine Bootylicious – Luicy – our own Ludwig ex Vogue daughter pictured at 8 weeks of age.


Luicy at 5 months of age


Ramchaine Bootylicious at 6 months of age winning Best Puppy in Belgium


Luicy at 11 months of age

Luicy at 18 months

Ramchaine Bootylicious  at 2 years old

Ludwig has a litter with Ch Jacquetta of the Hellacious Acres of 8 x boys and 1 precious girl …… our Lizanna !!

 Lisza at 3.5 weeks of age ….. she was special from the beginning!


Two of the boys Leonardo & Lancelot in show pose at 7 weeks of age


  Our baby Puppy “Lisza”

Lizanna of the Hellacious Acres has her first show at 5 months of age and wins Best Baby in Breed  …..

…. And then Best Baby in Show and is up on the podium at her very first show!!!

 Our young Lizanna of the Hellacious Acres ( Ludwig ex Jacquetta) is growing up and fulfilling all the promise she showed as a baby.


Lisza pictured with her mum Jacquetta and daddy Ludwig

Our Lizanna of the Hellacious Acres is now a CHAMPION at 2.5 years of age !!!



Leonardo of the Hellacious Acres …. Belonging to Rosemary Easton and Danielle Hall in Australia - a son of Jacquetta & Ludwig


 Ludwig has his first ‘AI’ litter born ‘down under’ in Australia to  Ch Dobro Dellaluna with Liz Molnar


 Headshots of the young Ollie & Bronte in Australia


Some pictures of Ludwig’s Aussie kids

Ludwig had a lovely litter  of 8 with  Solar Fire Velvet Dream in Germany


Ludwig’s gorgeous litter to Dual Purpose Souvenir belonging to Irma Kurvink.


Our Baby ‘Cleo’ – Ludwig ex Sophia of the Hellacious Acres

JCH Cleopatra of the Hellacious Acres ( Ludwig ex Sophia)

 Our  very beautiful Ludwig daughter “Cleopatra of the Hellacious Acres” 


Ania  Kraska has a Ludwig litter in Poland  to Xena of the Hellacious Acres – and kept Badenova Dutch Blackdrop & Badenova Dutch Glory who both became  Polish Junior Champions


Sharon McGrath in Australia had an ‘AI’ Ludwig litter to her  Ch Alnclair Amazing Grace  and now has his daughter the very lovely ‘Lotte’ , pictured as a baby on the move.


 Ludwig has a lovely litter of 10 puppies to our own Ramchaine Belly Dancer of which 3 went to show homes – Ramchaine Boogaloo to Sue Norris in England,

Ramchaine Riverdance to Rita Rohbach in Switzerland , and Ramchaine Dancing Queen to Marina Rovanpera in Finland

Ludwig is an efficient quick stud dog  - who if the bitch is at the right time - is in and tied and turned within minutes! Pictured mating Trewater Rapunzel belonging to Christine Bugiel in Germany who went on to have a litter of 12 … 4 x boys and 8 x girls!!