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Headstudy Moondust Ophelia

Moondust Ophelia  9 weeks old.


Moondust Ophelia 12 weeks old


Ophelia 12 weeks old


Moondust Ophelia 13 weeks old

Moondust Ophelia 4,5 months old

Moondust Ophelia 7,5 months old

Moondust Ophelia 7,5 months old

12-11-2005 Kassel DRC Championclubshow: Moondust Ophelia – best puppy bitch  judge: Henric Fryckstrand(S).

Headstudy Moondust Ophelia

28-01-2006 Herrenberg(Ger):Best junior bitch and j.CAC: Moondust Ophelia judge: mrs. Audrey Richardson(GB)

Moondust Ophelia 1 year young.

13-05-2006 Diedersdorf(Ger): 1 Exc.junior bitches Moondust Ophelia with J.CAC-judge: Val Burns(UK

14-05-2006 Echt(NL): 1 Exc.junior bitches Moondust Ophelia with J.CAC-judge: Dr.Larry Roberts(UK)

27-05-2006 Itzehoe(Ger): 3Exc.junior bitches Moondust Ophelia judge: Sue Brown (UK)

07-06-2006 Twisk: Moondust Ophelia just over 14 months young.

07-06-2006 Twisk: Mirjam and Moondust Ophelia.

07-06-2006 Twisk: Moondust Ophelia just over 14 months young.


11-06-2006 Beckum(Ger): 1 Exc.junior bitch Moondust Ophelia with jCAC-judge: R.Gabriel(Ger.)giving her the Title “German junior Champion”

    gained under the judges: mrs.A.Richardson(UK),mrs.V.Burns(UK) and mr.R.Gabriel(Ger)

11-06-2006 Beckum(Ger):Moondust Ophelia and Bart “We did it again” the 26th champion or junior champion bred or owned.

08-07-2006 Gelschenkirchen(Ger): 1 Ex.intermediate bitch Moondust Ophelia with CAC-judge:Michael Gaffney(Ir.)

12-05-2007 Diedersdorf(GER): BOS-Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres and BOB Jun.Ch.Moondust Ophelia

 judge: Christine Ashton(UK)

02-06-2007 Neumunster(GER):BOB Ch.Moondust Masterpiece WW'06 - BOS Jun.Ch.Moondust Ophelia

judges: Jim and Audrey Richardson(UK)

01-07-2007 Echt(NL): 1 Exc.open bitch Jun.Ch.Moondust Ophelia with res. CAC and res. CACIB judge: Theo Leenen(BEL)

26-08-2007 Rotterdam(NL): 1 EXC.open bitch Jun.Ch.Moondust Ophelia with CAC-CACIB and BOS judge:Pat Tuck(UK)

09-09-2007 Leipzig(GER): 1 Exc.open bitch Ch.Moondust Ophelia with CAC and res. CACIB judge: V.Wilk(GER)

this last  win gave her the titles:

German champion and German VDH-champion.

 She gained her title under the following judges:

Michael Gaffney(IR), Ann Falconer(UK), Eileen Allan-Rossitter(UK), Miroslav Zidar(SLO)

Beate Ting(GER), Christine Ashton(UK), Jim Richardson(UK), Eva Mjelde(NO), Vera Wilk(GER).

Ch.Moondust Emma, dam of Moondust Ophelia

Ch.Rossmix Rugger, sire of Moondust Ophelia